Psychoeducational & Neuropsychological Evaluations

Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological evaluations are provided by Camille Zoe Cuddy, PsyD BCBA-D.

Zoe’s experience providing ABA services and supervision has enriched her understanding of children’s behavior, and how it is intricately linked to academic performance and social and emotional functioning.  In addition, her experience providing services to young children in their homes has made it clear that the home environment is often the most optimal setting in which to observe and evaluate a young child. Consequently, in home evaluations are offered when warranted.  Evaluations can serve multiple purposes, including guiding treatment options and behavioral interventions.   In addition, evaluations serve to better identify a child’s areas of relative strength and weakness, both of which can be critical in developing more effective ABA programming.

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“Sara Kahn and Dina Danzi are one of the most effective intervention teams in the New York Metropolitan area.”
Gary Mayerson,
a premier NYC-based Autism Attorney

“Sara and Dina are immediately responsive, knowledgeable and excellent therapists so I always know the children will be getting the best intervention.”
Dr. Jennifer Cross, Developmental Pediatrician, Weill Cornell Medical Center

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