Speech Therapy Services

We have experienced speech therapists on our staff. We primarily provide related services to children who are receiving ABA and SEIT services from our agency. When staffing and scheduling permit, we are able to provide speech therapy to children for whom a more minimal level of service is appropriate.

If you are interested in speech therapy services, please contact us and we will determine which of our related service staff would be the best fit for your child. We are also able to provide evaluations for speech therapy if you have concerns regarding your child in either domain.


“Sara Kahn and Dina Danzi are one of the most effective intervention teams in the New York Metropolitan area.”
Gary Mayerson,
a premier NYC-based Autism Attorney

“Sara and Dina are immediately responsive, knowledgeable and excellent therapists so I always know the children will be getting the best intervention.”
Dr. Jennifer Cross, Developmental Pediatrician, Weill Cornell Medical Center

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