ABA Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

We customize our services based on our client’s needs and circumstances. Some families choose to only use private services, either to keep the quality high or for confidentiality concerns with the educational system. Other families use our services to supplement their EI, CPSE, or CSE services. In those situations, we will provide staffing and supervise the entire program to avoid having two separate treatment teams when the alternate agency is open to this type of arrangement.

We provide supervision for all of our ABA cases at a much higher frequency than is the standard in New York. For families running a full-treatment program, this works out to be approximately 4-5 hours per month. Of course, this is flexible and we can do more when troubleshooting learning or behavioral difficulties and less when all goals are being quickly mastered. Supervision ensures that goals are being targeted in a consistent manner, that parental concerns are addressed in a timely fashion, and that all clinicians receive continuous professional training. [Contact us today.]

Manhattan ABA Therapy

We hand-pick our staff from the strongest therapists we have encountered in the 15 years we have been working. Many of our ABA providers are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and all of our staff is either sitting for the BCBA exam, or completing the coursework to sit for the BCBA exam. Many of our therapists have been doing ABA for more than ten years.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us. The first step is the initial consultation, where we will come and play with your child for approximately 30 minutes and then spend an additional hour speaking with you. This helps us tremendously in thinking which of our team would be the best match. We will tell you which goals we will work on first and the direction we will take your child’s program. The flat fee for this is $175. We have found this a vital first step to make sure we have a personal connection to each child and family from before treatment starts, and also to ensure there is a good philosophic match.

Please understand that we are a smaller agency and often have a wait list. Our priority is always to the children we are currently serving and we admit new children as we are confident in our ability to give them the time and detailed attention they deserve. If we are unable to take your child, we will always meet with you to help get you on the right track, and we will call you when a spot becomes available.

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“Sara Kahn and Dina Danzi are one of the most effective intervention teams in the New York Metropolitan area.”
Gary Mayerson,
a premier NYC-based Autism Attorney

“Sara and Dina are immediately responsive, knowledgeable and excellent therapists so I always know the children will be getting the best intervention.”
Dr. Jennifer Cross, Developmental Pediatrician, Weill Cornell Medical Center

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