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Welcome to Children First

Children First Speech Language Pathology and Psychology, PLLC, is a private agency providing the highest quality therapeutic services to children. We specialize in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and those children are more than 80% of the clients we serve. We provide Behavior Intervention or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), SEIT, and speech therapy. We are also able to provide evaluations for those domains.

We service children primarily in Manhattan, but are able to provide services for some families in Brooklyn and Queens as well.

Most of our clients with out-of-network benefits seek insurance reimbursement for our services, recouping between 60-100% of fees.

We are a specialized agency, serving approximately 25-30 children at a time. For this reason, we are able to provide intensive and frequent supervision for our ABA programs. The research clearly shows that children who receive intensive services have the best outcomes, and we recommend such programs.  Approximately 47% of children receiving full-treatment programs can lose their diagnosis and participate in mainstream settings.  Read more research here.

We look forward to discussing our agency and your child’s needs further.

Dina Danzi, Director of Related Services

Sara Kahn, Director of ABA Services


“Sara Kahn and Dina Danzi are one of the most effective intervention teams in the New York Metropolitan area.”
Gary Mayerson,
a premier NYC-based Autism Attorney

“Sara and Dina are immediately responsive, knowledgeable and excellent therapists so I always know the children will be getting the best intervention.”
Dr. Jennifer Cross, Developmental Pediatrician, Weill Cornell Medical Center

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